Pure Whimsy Photography | Iron Mountain Newborn and Baby Photographer

Hello! I am Melissa and I own Pure Whimsy Photography, located in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  My name means honeybee, which I like to think explains my obsession with the color yellow.  I hate coffee.  I love the rain.  I only eat dark chocolate.  My husband and children are everything to me.  I am a perpetual student. I love color. 


I started my company in 2007 when a friend told me that I had a good eye and asked me to photograph her wedding.  At the time, I was teaching kindergarten and thought that I was very happy.  Turns out I wasn't happy at all.  God had other plans for my life but I needed to be ready to accept them.  I have been doing photography full-time now for two years and am having the time of my life!  I love working with children, families, and many different people.  My favorite part is seeing you see your photos for the first time.  I have been told, "I can hear my child's giggle in this portrait!" and I never tire of hearing, "That is SO her!  You captured her perfectly."  


I am a photographer for the joy it brings me and for the joy the photos to bring you.  I want to capture your memories so you may hold onto them forever. 


Photo of me credited to Joys of Life Photography. 

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